No More Unusable Coins!

By the strategic alliance with IM Exchange, an international crypto exchange, and numerous partners, such as, D Salus, B2MMall, STC and so on, i-Money Crypto (IMC) becomes a cryptocurrency actually backed up by a community which has a platform & population that makes it spendable in the marketplace and the community. It means it has a ‘ready-to-use’ member group in the G-Point community, so that, i-Money Crypto (IMC) will take a lot less time to be a major cryptocurrency.

The IM Technology Group is introducing i-Money Crypto (IMC) in alliance with the G-Point Community. G-Point community has its own G-Point Eco-system composed with On-line G-Point Shopping Mall, Off-line G-Point Certificate networks and provides G-Point BOA Cards, along with G-Point Special Services.